a note about commenting

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The spammers have found my blog, once again, so I have reactivated my spam blocker. I’ve found that spam comments tend to come in waves, and so I turn off the spam blocker in between times. It occasionally catches a few legit comments, especially if you include links. I will try to monitor them, but if you post a comment and it doesn’t show up, please email me! I will rescue from the spam blocker as soon as I can. :-)

Also, please know that in general I don’t delete comments. The only non-spam ones I’ve deleted are when they are extremely hurtful, mean, and/or don’t relate to the post at all. Sometimes I have gotten really insensitive anonymous comments on posts that have been difficult to write for me emotionally. I have deleted those because they have just made an already sore wound deeper. Oh, and I *do* edit comments if they contain personally identifying information; i.e. my last name. :-)

That’s all. Comment away! I do enjoy reading them, and I always try to respond!