back from sunny (ha!) california

back from sunny (ha!) california

I’m back.

Let me give you a rundown of our trip.

We had 2 days of nice weather, and then FIVE STRAIGHT DAYS OF RAIN.

Five. Straight. Days. Of. Rain.

Yep, in the “desert” of sunny Southern California, it was cold, wet, and rainy.

The two days were fun. California is an interesting place. I was really, really, really disappointed that we didn’t get to go into the mountains. (Rain in the valley = snow in the mountains – snow chains on all non-4WD vehicles were required.) It’s a shame it’s so freakin’ expensive to get out there. We’ll go back, I know, and hopefully I can see everything I wanted to see. I also know never to travel again in my first trimester. I was so sick! The plane rides were the WORST. And that constant sick feeling all the time, and then actually getting sick at someone else’s house, were not fun! And of course not being hungry for anything wasn’t fun either!

Okay enough complaining. I hope to write a more complete overview of our trip later. :-p For now, I’m still sorting through the things I have to do, all the emails I got while I was gone, and (of course) cleaning the house so we can, you know, walk through the living room.

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