our new apartment

our new apartment

I took some pictures, but the lighting was weird and they didn’t turn out the best. But you can still get the idea. :-) And if you didn’t see it before, here is a floorplan of our apartment.

Living room, taken from the foyer
This is the sight you see when you first walk into the apartment. There’s a small foyer, then you see the living room and the porch is beyond that.

To the right, in the foyer, is a bookcase. I didn’t really want to put it in the foyer but that literally was the only place! I am enjoying having the bookcase on hardwood floor and not carpet – when bookcases are on carpet they lean precariously away from walls!

Laundry room
Still standing at the front door, and turning to your left, there is the laundry room. Right now it is stuffed with junk that we just don’t have room for. Oh and there’s room to actually walk and do laundry too. ;-)

Living room
A better picture of the living room. To the right is the door to the porch. To the left is the dining room and kitchen, as well as the office area.

Living room
We have a nice big window that the cats absolutely adore. Oh, and we got a new TV! I don’t think I ever mentioned that. Isn’t it purty? (The other TV completely died so we had to buy a new one. I feel like I have to say that so people don’t think we went out and bought a fancy flatscreen just because.)

Our porch
I heart the porch! It’s nice and big. Again, there’s junk on there that I don’t know what to do with. :-(

View from the porch
We have a pretty view from the porch, overlooking a nice landscaped area and the pool. The picture doesn’t do it justice. (The view from the porch was a huge selling point for us for this apartment!)

Living room
Back inside… here is the kitchen and the dining room. Oh, and do you see that lump just on the other side of the loveseat? That is my new SEWING MACHINE!! :-) More about that later. Maybe when I actually sew something.

Dining room
The dining room. I took this picture before I finished decorating for the party.

Paul in the kitchen
Paul in the kitchen. It’s a nice big kitchen, and the breakfast bar really helps open it up. I actually like it better than my other kitchen, though I miss being able to have a table and the microwave cart inside the kitchen.

Looking to the hallway
Moving on… I’m standing with the living room on my right and the dining room on my left looking towards the “hallway”. We have a nice little nook that’s perfect for the second dresser we have! And yes, it’s completely filled with craft, art, and sewing supplies. To the right of the dresser is the door to the bedroom and to the left is the bathroom. I heart having a bathroom that is separate from the bedroom!

Our bedroom (hi, Lewis!). To the left is the door to the closet. It’s not a huge closet, but big enough for our clothes and camping supplies.

Another view of the bedroom.

Moving on… the bathroom! It’s really huge! It’s so big that I think the space is wasted – I wish the bathroom was smaller and the closet was bigger, but oh well. I am loving the no carpet, though.

Sitting on the tub… See the perfect under-sink spot we have for our litter box? behind the door is a linen closet which we are using for more storage. It’s really small so it doesn’t hold much, but every little bit counts, doesn’t it?

This apartment is a good size, and I think if we had moved here from a smaller place it wouldn’t have been so bad. But it’s been sooo hard to downsize. I really like the apartment though! I just wish they had storage closets like every single other apartment I’ve lived in. I never realized how nice those were. Case in point: we had to get rid of almost every single box we used to move, even though we’re going to need them when we move again in a year. :-( But I am loving how much light this apartment gets! Definitely a positive over the last one.

Another thing that has surprised me that I don’t like is that we’re not close to things anymore. We live right off a highway, and we always have to go up one exit or down one exit. There is a grocery store near us, but anything else it’s hopping on the highway. It’s a little ridiculous! Post office, library, Blockbuster, doctor, pet food store, etc. Pretty much any shopping is not close. I guess in our area is just a lot of apartment complexes, and some office complexes. I’m just not used to hitting the highway to go anywhere. I’m definitely going to miss a library that is so far away!!! I was spoiled in the last town we lived where things like that were all pretty close.

But that’s why we moved here, right? To know if this is an area where we’d want to buy a house? I will see how I feel about it in a year. :-) It’s a good experiment!

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