something died in here

something died in here

Oh I have so many posts to write! I think I will work on them and set them to auto-post this week. :-) Most of the posts have to do with our Adventures in Homemaking, which for some reason seems to have turned very difficult. In addition to all the traveling we get to do in August, we also have to worry about life here on the homefront.

As I mentioned, we steam-cleaned the carpets. After almost two days, I have decided the cleaning worked for the most part. Before, I could smell cat urine vaguely in the living room and dining room, which I think was spread by the humidity in our apartment. Now, that smell is gone. Even if you stick your nose in the carpet it just smells like clean carpet, and no trace of cat anywhere. Yay!

Our bedroom and bathroom are also fairly smell-free. The exceptions are the areas where the kitties actually went. We have started putting pet cleaning solutions on it and we’ll keep doing that until the smell is gone. So far, it seems to be working as far as smell goes. I can’t smell it when lying in bed, so that’s a plus.

However, the guest/hall bathroom is a completely other story. We have cleaned and cleaned in there, washed out the tub, cleaned the toilet, and scrubbed the carpet (and no spots show up under the blacklight). However, the more time goes by the more it absolutely reeks in the bathroom. It used to just smell when you spent time in there – like brushing your teeth. Now it is unbearable just to enter. Today after I went in I decided that what we were smelling wasn’t cat. I’m pretty sure – as the smell gets stronger, it’s more obvious that it is more than just cat urine.

Seriously, we think something may have died in the walls. We have searched all the nooks and crevices, and there is nothing in the bathroom that accounts for the smell. And it makes sense, that the smell would be getting worse as the weather turns hotter and whatever it is decays.

Now what do we do? How do we convince the apartment complex that it’s not a case of Kitty Surprise? I’ve been pondering that for the past day or two, when Paul brought it up as a possibility. Now that it’s so strong, I’m not sure we need to worry about convincing them! Of course, GETTING them to come to our apartment will be the challenging thing. They seem to know our building is falling apart and are avoiding coming to fix anything.

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