two years

two years

Front of the churchI’m a bit late in writing up this post, but I was off celebrating our anniversary with my dear husband. :-)

Two years ago today, Paul and I stood in front of our church, our friends, and our family and repeated the sacred vows, promising to be committed to each other for the rest of our lives. And what a fun two years it’s been! We look forward to 20, 40, 70 more years together!

This morning on my way to work I listened to our wedding CD. It was so much fun to hear those words again. I think I liked the ceremony the best – it was exactly how I wanted it. I uploaded a few video clips from it on YouTube (I apologize in advance for the shakiness of the camera – next time we’ll know to find a tripod!).

My bridesmaids (Amy, Tree, Melissa, and Beth) processed in to the theme song from the “Anne of Green Gables” movie. It’s an absolutely beautiful piece, and I could listen to it over and over! I am including the video here so you can listen too. :-) And see the pretty bridesmaid dresses! (My mom made them!) (In order that you see them: my sister, Amy; my college roommate, Tree; my college suitemate, Melissa; and my childhood best friend and matron of honor, Beth… and then a few glimpses of Olivia, the flower girl and daughter of my college suitemate, Beth :-))

My matron of honor, Beth, found out the night before our wedding that she had to do a toast during the reception. I think she did a great job and it was the only time I cried on my wedding day. :-)

The best man toast by Isaac was also great and entertaining. (You hear the story behind the string ball!) :-) And around 3:24 is the song he wrote and sung for us, which I highly recommend you listen to! (He said he would record this and have it to us in 2 weeks… now, two years later, I’m still waiting, Isaac! ;-))

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