how God fixes things

how God fixes things

As you remember, I have my prized possession – my very much loved Corolla. And anyone who knows me will know I try to take really good care of her! And you may remember that about a year ago, Paul accidentally tore off some of the paint from the bumper. It has really been bothering me, and I’ve been debating trying to fix it myself (and my fear being that I would make it worse) or take it to a body shop (which would be expensive). The other option, of course, is doing nothing, but I felt like it was this HUGE UGLY SPOT that was over the car.

Well, last weekend God answered my dilemma.

We were on our way to my mom’s cousin’s wedding on Hilton Head Island. It had been raining earlier, and traffic was horrible – stop and go. Well I stopped, but the person behind me went. It sounded like a bomb blowing up when he hit my car! I was driving, and Paul and my brother and sister-in-law were also with us. My first instinct was to run out of the car and take cover. I’m not sure what I expected – that it was a surprise air raid? Hehe

We pulled off to the side of the road and called the police. The other guy was really nice – an 18 year old on his way to work. I felt bad for him, because I knew as an 18 year old male his insurance is going to jump. :-( (Side note: He was born in 1990. Wow! Since when did kids born in the 90’s get old enough to drive???) The damage wasn’t too great – cosmetic damage on the bumper, the passenger side taillight was popped out, and just above the taillight on the part of the metal that goes up to the roof (if that makes sense) there were two dents. The police tried to convince me that those were already there, and they made me start second guessing myself. But I knew they weren’t there before – I take too much care of my baby to not notice something like that. :-)

After all was said and done, we made it to the wedding shortly after it started. I was glad we didn’t miss it, but I felt awkward coming in late because it was in the middle of a golf course and there were only about 30 people there. :-) So it was REALLY obvious. But at least we had a good reason to be late. :-) (Pictures from the wedding later. Or you can look at all my pictures on Flickr.)

Anyways, so this week has been crazy and on top of in all I’ve had to deal with the car! But that’s okay, I’m just glad his insurance (USAA) has been SO great to work with. On Thursday we brought in the car to the collision repair center and got a rental car. They’re going to keep my baby until Wednesday, but I get a rental car – a cool 08 Mazda 6 – in the meantime. (I am grateful for that, because it would be really annoying sharing a car since Paul works downtown – which is south of us – and I work 40 minutes north of our house).

So all this to say, as you expected, the tiny scratch in my bumper that Paul did a year ago is now being fixed. :-) And the whole right side of my car is getting painted! I am excited to get her back. Tomorrow will mark the 2 year anniversary that I’ve had her, which means it’s time for her annual interior deep clean.

Paul said it’s funny that this happened right after we paid off the car. :-)

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