me and darth

me and darth

Me and Darth
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We stopped by the Lego store at Discover Mills mall today. It was the first time we had been there, and had made the trip in search of the Eddie Bauer store. A pretty cool place… lots of things to see and do, and it seemed that most stores were outlet centers so the prices were decent. We scored at Eddie Bauer, finding a swimsuit at 70% off! And it’s purple! That store is great; I love the styles and the prices were pretty good (being an outlet store). I also found a second suit at Ross, so now I have two (which I think is a good thing to have when you’re spending a few days at the beach).

Anyways, we stopped in the Lego store afterwards and had fun. Paul took a picture of me and Darth. I’m posting it for Anne Marie’s benefit. ;-)

Also, I wanted to point out the awesome green dress I’m wearing. I found it yesterday at Kohl’s. It’s not navy blue, but it’s perfect in every other way and I’m in love with it. I would wear dresses every day if they were like this one. :-)

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