Today I got a notice saying that they are coming around to inspect our apartments tomorrow. So now I’m looking around my apartment wondering, what should I do to prepare? What are they inspecting for? Do I have any “forbidden” items?

I think I will clean. Our dishes need washed, but our garbage disposal is currently broken and the kitchen sink is all stopped up. This is a frustrating thing about renting – waiting for maintenance to come fix the problems. I think I will call and remind them before the office closes this evening.

I went home sick today from work. I haven’t felt well these past few days, and it was nice to relax. I hate getting headaches!!

Nothing much new is going on here. I have been so tired with work; I just come home and collapse! But today I feel a bit more rested, and so I think I’ll attack the living room at least. Hmm, any ideas of what they could be inspecting?

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