six years

six years

I couldn’t let today go by without remembering that six years ago today Paul and I decided to start our relationship. (I also wrote about it here and here!) I am so glad he’s in my life and that we are now also celebrating wedding anniversaries.

Tonight, Paul and I were hanging out with a friend and I did something that was a little rude without meaning to. Later Paul told me about it, and he said he wanted to tell me at the time but he didn’t think it was appropriate to say so in front of our friend. (I thanked him for that!) Paul then said, “Whether you’re right or wrong, I’m on your side.” I loved that. :-) It’s so wonderful to know that someone is supporting me even if when I’m being a jerk!

I love you, Paul. :-) You’re pretty amazing yourself!

Below is a picture I found from spring break 2002, shortly after we started dating. I think we look so young! And I have really big teeth.

Paul and I in Orlando

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