new computer!

new computer!

A few weeks ago, our desktop computer broke. :-( We had to wait until I got my first paycheck to get a new computer, and Paul set about looking for a good deal. We finally found one – a Dell Inspiron 530s and it’s quite snazzy.

It’s all white and pretty, reminding me of a Mac. Also, it came with Windows Vista, so I have been playing around with that. It too reminds me of OSX (Mac operating system) with its focus on visual “prettiness”. So far I’m pretty excited about Vista. I haven’t tried loading Adobe CS2 yet. According to the Adobe website, CS2 won’t work completely in Vista since it came out two years before Vista. I think we may have to bite the bullet and get the $1800 Adobe CS3 software. :-( Ah the expenses of being a graphic designer! That will come after we finish paying off our car, though. :-)

We also got an external harddrive to get all the files off the old computer. We found it on Craigslist, and the guy lived like 5 minutes from my office, and right off the road I take to go home. Paul was nervous about me picking it up by myself, but (obviously) everything turned out okay. I still haven’t pulled off all my stuff, but I did get all my music over and iTunes set up on this computer.

As I mentioned in the comments of a previous post, I got an iPod Touch for my birthday. I never wanted an iPod until I saw the Touch, and I love it!! It’s basically an iPhone without some of the features, like the phone part. :-) I am able to access WiFi internet, and I recently found out that the new iPod Touch comes with a “mail” program! I was really bummed and had these elaborate plans to sell mine and buy a new one until I found out that existing owners can upgrade their iPods. So, I am going to do that. I am excited. :-)

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