breaking silence

breaking silence

Hello, folks!

What a break! I was very very busy and felt like I was going from one thing to another. Isaac, his brother, and his brother’s girlfriend all came to visit us this weekend (leaving today). We had a great time! Paul took 4 days off work and hung out with them. Unfortunately I had to work, but I still got a chance to enjoy everyone on the weekend and in the evenings. Our house seems quiet now that everyone is gone.

Other things that have been happening: Paul ordered a new desktop today! Hooray, that’s happy! This laptop has been driving me crazy. I think we need to reinstall Windows, but we will wait until after we get the desktop up and running before doing that. Now we have the fun task of trying to get all the files from the harddrive of the broken computer onto the new one. It’s funny – at Taylor, we had endless people with such knowledge at our disposal, and now we can’t think of anyone who can do it. (Paul’s a software guy, not a hardware guy.)

I have a Really Long Post planned about my thoughts about blogging, etc. (Don’t worry, I’m not shutting down my blog!) I’ll be making some changes probably, so I will let you know more details in my next post. Hopefully I will get that written tonight or tomorrow.

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