now for a really shallow post

now for a really shallow post

Unlike a lot of anti-tv people in the blogosphere, I like sitting down with my family for a TV show. That’s something we did the whole time I was growing up, and I have a lot of memories watching TV together. Paul and I enjoy watching TV together, too. Here are the shows we particularly enjoy:

The Simpsons (8pm, FOX) We started watching The Simpsons together in college, and it has stuck with us since then. We enjoy the laugh, though we only catch the show about half the time. I must admit Simpson’s quotes are the most likely to appear in our conversations (that, and Futurama and Gilmore Girls).

Terminator: The Sarah Conner Chronicles (9pm, FOX) I am really hesitant to put this one here. For one, because Paul is the one who watches this. For two, Fox has a history of canceling good shows before they have a chance to develop. But the fact that River is in it makes it worth it (to Paul anyways) to turn it on each week.

The Office (10pm, TBS) The Office is a show we just tuned into this season. We’re happy that TBS is airing old episodes, while the current season (Thursdays on NBC) is on hiatus due to the writer’s strike. Since we are playing catch-up, all the episodes are new to us. We love the characters, and the off-the-wall comedy…

Criminal Minds (9pm, CBS) I really, really love this crime drama about the behavior analysis unit of the FBI. I actually considered majoring in psychology in college because I find the study of human behavior so interesting. As it was, I went into advertising – where you study human behavior to make the buy things. :-) Hmm…

Bones (8pm, FOX) This is a new show to me this season. It’s another crime drama, dealing with the forensic evidence. Unlike CSI, they focus more on the characters and their interactions. I really enjoy the personalities of the two main characters, and how they play off each other to solve the crime.
Numb3rs (10pm, CBS) Another crime drama, this time using math to find the bad guys. I have no idea if the math is genuine, but it seems real and impressive, and I love the characters (the two brothers and their father).

When we aren’t watching these shows, we like to enjoy some of the TV on DVD that we own:
Gilmore Girls (seasons 1-6) I am saving my money to buy the 7th season and then my collection is complete! I love Gilmore Girls, and can watch (some of) the episodes over and over. My favorite season is the 4th season – though I enjoy select episodes from every season.
Futurama (seasons 1-4, plus “Bender’s Big Score” movie) Paul loves Futurama. We have seen every episode many times, and it always cracks us up. We usually make our out-of-town friends watch “The Deep South” when they come visit (be forewarned!). We recently acquired the feature-length movie and liked it too.
M*A*S*H (seasons 1-11) I really love this TV show, and a few months ago I jumped at the chance to purchase the entire series when I saw it on sale for 55% off. I have been watching them steadily, and am just starting season 10. My favorite seasons are the middle ones – we’ll see how it ends. M*A*S*H makes me laugh, though I could do without the drinking and womanizing of the first few seasons.
Perry Mason (season 1) I always enjoy this lawyer show from the late 50s and 60s. It’s a nice change from the graphics-heavy shows of today, and the cases are interesting and keep me guessing. I see that season 2 is on DVD and I’d like to get them, but I will probably have to be patient.

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