zoey update

zoey update

I got a card in the mail from Zoey’s new owners. We had gotten a plush squeaky toy for Zoey and mailed it to them a week or so ago. Accompanying the card was this picture (I cropped it to protect the family she belongs to now):

Isn’t she cute?? I am loving the little pink bow in her ear. I wonder how she liked that!

The card read:

Zoey is doing GREAT!! She is such a precious dog. We are so blessed to have her in our family. She loves running around all over the yard; she has so much fun playing with the kids. Thank you so much for the toy (Zoey loves it). We are going to stock her up with more toys; she has chewed up all of her other ones. We hope you have a wonderful Christmas.

Joanna asked me if this was my “happy ending”. I suppose so; while I would love to still be a part of Zoey’s life and see her as she grows up and gets older, I need to be okay with the family not reaching out to me. And really, I am so happy to hear that she’s doing well, though I didn’t have any doubts! So yes, a “happy ending” in our chapter on Zoey.

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