this and that

this and that

So I have lots of blog posts in my head!

That’s one negative thing about posting the Jesse Tree ornaments each day; I feel guilty if I blog too much in between because that means at least two posts a day! But I am going to try and write them all down and then auto-post.

First, I did want to mention the Sunday Ponderings. To my chagrin, I haven’t been very good about going to church. As in, I missed the past two Sundays and will probably miss next Sunday due to traveling. So it’s on hold for the next few weeks! I’ll definitely be back for January, if not sooner.

Last night Paul and I stayed up until almost 5am – for no reason. We had SUCH a wonderful evening together! We had some friends over for dinner, and then went to a Christmas concert at our church. Later that evening we headed out to Wal-Mart to see if we could find the last of the Jesse tree ornaments. We walked around for a while, enjoying the warmth (yes! warmth! it was in the high 70’s! in December!). After returning home, we finished making the rest of the Jesse tree ornaments and took pictures. I worked on a present I am making for some undisclosed recipients while Paul read that ridiculously long 11 chapters for the Joseph Jesse tree reading (yeah I know, we’re a day behind!). It was actually really fun. We spent like an hour reading and talking about it. We also watched a few episodes of M*A*S*H. Finally, around 4:30 we decided it was time to go to bed. It was just like at college – except this time we didn’t have to go to separate rooms! ;-) A wonderful evening, definitely.

This week is busy one for us. Tomorrow I am driving up to North Carolina to pick my sister up from college. Hooray! Today we stopped by the library and picked up an audiobook of The Handmaid and the Carpenter by Elizabeth Berg to listen to on my way up there. (It was quite a challenge to find a book less than 4 hours long, AND a Christmas story! I was really excited to see this one. Hopefully it is a good listen.) Note to travelers: Books on tape/CD at your library are a great resource for long road trips, especially if you’re by yourself. If that doesn’t work, you can also rent them from places like Cracker Barrel. North Carolina is beautiful, but let me tell you – U.S. 25 is a LONG road… it seems to just go on forever! So I am looking forward to having a book on tape to listen to. It’s better than entertaining myself by talking on my cell phone!

On Wednesday Paul, Amy, Lewis, Ebony, and I will all head down to Orlando for a few days. We’ll spend a few days with my family, then on Saturday we’ll head up to Gainesville, FL for my brother’s wedding, and then after that we’ll return home to Atlanta. So, busy week. Today was spent trying to tackle the long to-do list. One of the things on the list was to get our Christmas letter printed. Last year, we printed them off our home printer which used up almost a whole cartridge of ink. This year we headed over to Kinko’s and printed off 100 letters for only $8. I think that’s a pretty good deal! And they’re a lot better quality than if we’d printed from our home printer.

So that’s about it. I want to write a few posts to auto-post while I’m gone. I have ambitious plans. :-)

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