yeah, I know it's 4:30am

yeah, I know it's 4:30am

I cannot sleep. I have tried this whole going-to-bed thing, and I only succeeded in waking Paul up because I was bored and wanted to talk to him. I kept thinking of all the things I need to do, and I realized – why am I laying in bed thinking about this? Why don’t I actually DO it? Besides the fact that it’s cold outside my bed, of course.

A month or two ago, a friend recommended a site called to me. I decided to check it out tonight because one of the things I’m worried about is how I can get freelance business without getting sucked into only doing websites. It seems like a neat site, where employers can post details of their projects and freelancers bid on it. So I spent the last hour or so creating a nice profile, in the hopes that I can get some business that way. I think as I go through these processes, I am learning about how I want to run my “business”. For example, I realized tonight that I have office hours. 9 to 5, Tuesday through Saturday. No working on Sundays. It’s kinda nice to have “office hours”, but I also realize I need to be available at those times. That means I need to stop sleeping in until 10:30. It forces me to be awake and up by 9. Ah, a schedule! Right now in the hazy light of the darkened apartment, I’m excited about the “could-be”s of it all. Now, to turn my excitement into profit. :-)

I’ve also been browsing Craigslist for potential part-time work, for now while I am trying to get more freelance. Paul has been doing a lot of contract work to supplement our income until I could bring in my share, but it seems that it has dried up and now it’s my turn. I have been kind of putting everything off until the new year. I feel like with all the craziness of the holidays, and my desire to spend a week in Orlando next week, it’s not the right time to start a new job. Also, I am not 100% sure what type of part-time job I want. Obviously, getting something in my field would be portfolio-boosting and networking, and financially ideal. However, it kinda sounds exciting to do something really different – like work at a craft shop or a coffee shop. I can’t decide. :-) I suppose I’ll keep my eyes out for part-time design work, and if it doesn’t work out then I’ll pursue something else. But really, I’d rather not worry about any of this. Anyone want to pay off my loans so I can just be at home? :-) Hehe Don’t you wish it was that easy!

Okay plan for tomorrow: laundry. Wrap Christmas presents. Finish making Jesse Tree ornaments. Get dressed. Not in that order.

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