sewing machine

sewing machine

About a year ago, I found at a second-hand store an antique sewing machine. I got it, intending to restore it a little bit, and use it as a decorative piece in my home. However, in a year, I’ve pretty much not touched it at all. So, I decided I should sell it – maybe someone else will want it even more than me.

This morning, while I was getting ready to list in on Craigslist, I decided to do some research and get more information about my sewing machine. I came across the International Sewing Machine Collectors’ Society website, which had some great information on it. It seems that my sewing machine is this model. I guess over time the center and righthand drawers disappeared, as well as the cover. But otherwise, they look the same.

I found the serial number on the machine, and compared it to this site, and if I’m right then my machine was made in 1897! I think that’s pretty cool. Imagine, a woman back at the turn of the century – the year my great-grandmother was born – getting the new machine, so excited! She probably envisioned all the wonderful things she would make lovingly with her new machine. Imagine, 110 years ago – so much has changed since then.

ISMACS had a good article on restoring old machines, and now I’m intrigued. If I keep my machine, could I restore it to look good again? Would I restore it? I have space to keep it – it’s not in the way. I was just going to sell it originally in an attempt to declutter our apartment. I feel like I don’t want to get rid of such an old piece of history! Or would it be better to just let someone else have the opportunity, someone who might be more motivated than me? It doesn’t necessarily fit with the “decor” of my apartment, though the guest room is more lack-of-decor, and I have been wanting to finish that.

Anyways, it’s still pretty cool. :-) What do you think – to keep or sell?

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