goodbye, zoey…

goodbye, zoey…

Today was the Day.

Some of you may remember, but a few weeks ago I wrote a post about the difficult decision we were facing about whether we should find a new home for Zoey or not. I had to take it down the day after I wrote that post because of some really ugly comments I was getting. (Really, why do people think it’s their business to be so nasty on strangers’ blogs?)

This was a decision that Paul and I thought about very thoroughly for over a month now. We weighed all the choices, the pros and cons, and prayed about it. For those of you who missed my previous post, there were a lot of reasons but it came down to the fact that while we felt that we could give Zoey a good home, it would be in her best interest (and the cats’ best interest) if we could find her a great home. Finally, last Monday, I posted an ad on Craigslist and got three responses in only 14 hours. One of them appealed to me especially – a family with three kids who had a huge yard and were wanting a beagle puppy to love and grow with their family. The more I talked to them the more comfortable I felt about them being able to provide Zoey with a great home.

Today was the day we met and gave them Zoey and all her things. I am still a bit teary-eyed about it. All week I had been telling myself “this is the last time we’re going to go for a walk” and “this is the last time we’ll play with the golden retriever next door”. Today, we gave her a bath and collected all her things. We cuddled with her all the way downtown in the car, and then we walked her to the park. We met the family – they were everything I was expected – chatted a little bit, and then we reluctantly handed them the leash and walked away. I couldn’t look back. I know they were probably eager to get home, but I didn’t want to see her go so soon… I don’t feel like I got to say goodbye… though I had plenty of chances.

I know Zoey is going to love her new family. She is going to love running around the yard, picking up sticks and pinecones whenever she wants. I know she is going to love all the attention five people are going to lavish on her. I am trying to focus on those things, and not on my missing her. I know this is the right decision for her, but I’m sad for me.

Well so ends the dog-ownership chapter of my life. I better get going. I want to vacuum up all the pieces of pinecone that are all over my apartment floor. :-) I made an album of Zoey pictures; check them out here.

*Note: I know that some of you feel that I am a horrible pet owner. I ask you keep this to yourselves. Any comments left that are of this nature will be immediately deleted. Please understand how emotional and personal this decision was for me, and I thank all my blog readers and friends who have been so supportive.

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