the heart of the home: the kitchen

the heart of the home: the kitchen

Shalee from Shalee’s Diner has tagged me for a kitchen meme. I have to name eight random things from my kitchen/cooking.

1. I don’t cook much, although I’ve been cooking more recently and it’s surprisingly not been as difficult as I expected. I am still amazed at people who are able to coordinate a whole meal without messing up a lot!

2. Our kitchen is a Mexican theme, and I love it. Our dishes are all Pfaltzgraff Sedona pattern, and we also have accent plates of green, red, and yellow. I like having different color plates. :-) I think the inside of our cabinets are so bright and cheery! When we move into a house, I would love to get cabinets with glass doors (like these) so you can see all the pretty colors.

3. My specialty is brownies from scratch. I have made them countless times, starting from, around middle or high school. They are pretty simple, but seem to be a hit at the parties I take them to.

4. I hate frying things. Oil or butter splattering from a hot pan scares me. Suffice it to say, I’ve never made bacon.

5. My favorite (small) appliance is my George Foreman… or my fajita maker. I have two George Foreman grills: a small one I use for sandwiches, and a bigger one we use for meat (one of my favorite meals is hamburgers!). I like to make fajitas when we have people over.

6. I have a nice little “drink corner” with a hot shot, basket of tea, and sugar. (Yes, I like lots… and lots… of sugar in my tea.) [By the way, this was true in my old kitchen. I’m still setting up my new kitchen, and I haven’t found a place for my drink corner yet. I like the concept though so I’ll probably make a place for it.]

7. I prefer to cook from a cookbook rather than a recipe online. My favorite cookbook is the Better Homes and Gardens New Cook Book. I also love my Wycliffe Cookbook. And yes, I prefer to use cookbooks that have nice design.

8. I tend not to keep my kitchen stocked. I dislike going grocery shopping. I am always running out of food. Once, my brother-in-law and his girlfriend surprised us for dinner and I felt bad that I had very little food to serve them. So, if you’re going to drop by, then some warning would be good. :-)

Okay, I tag Joanna, Beth B., Beth Z., Jes, Tree…. and whoever else wants to join in! :-)

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