carnival of beauty is HERE again!

carnival of beauty is HERE again!

So, I almost just missed my second time hosting the Carnival of Beauty. :-) Tonight I thought to myself, “Hmm, I know I’m hosting again sometime, I wonder when that is?” Good thing I checked!! This week’s topic is “The Beauty of Autumn”. This might be more applicable for those in the northern states; I know down here we haven’t quite gotten out of summer yet! But that’s okay, because fall is just around the corner.

You know the drill; it’s the same as last time. Send an email to ashley @ by Friday morning – let’s say, 9am eastern time. I’ll post the carnival sometime before noon I mean, on my lunch break on Friday. In your email, be sure to let me know:

1. Your first name
2. The name of your blog with the link
3. The name of your piece with the link
4. A brief one or two sentence description of your piece that will be in the listing of the Carnival submissions.

For other specifics on who can participate, go to the Carnival of Beauty page here. You can also join the Google Group where you can get updates and announcements about the CoB.

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