works for me wednesday: nail clippers

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I always kept my nails nicely trimmed with the help of my teeth until about high school, when somehow I managed to stop doing that. However, I still revert to my bad habits when I’m either nervous or when a nail starts to break (or is otherwise not smooth – yes I am a perfectionist). I never seemed to be able to find my nail clippers or my file. Since I’d rather NOT bite my nails, I’ve come up with a solution that has really helped!

I noticed my nail clippers had a little hole at the end. I found an old keyring and before too long my nail clippers were attached to my keys! Now, when my nail starts to break, I quickly clip off the offending piece. This has helped me keep my nails long and reduced my temptation to bite them. Also, it’s convenient since I generally know where my keys are – especially when I’m at work. I have also become popular with my other coworkers who know where to go when their nails start getting ragged.

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