Christa Taylor: Make a Wish

Christa Taylor: Make a Wish

Make A Wish Contest

I’ve seen the name Christa Taylor thrown around as a new line of stylish yet modest clothing for women! That is exciting for me, and even more exciting was reading Lydia’s blog the other day and finding out that they (along with sponsor blog Lessons from the Scrapbook Page) are hosting a “Make A Wish Contest” that includes a $150 shopping spree! Well, what girl doesn’t like free clothes?

So I was looking through all the clothes on the site, and I saw a lot of really cute ones that I would love to wear. I wish they came in a bigger variety of colors, as I can’t wear white or red, but I was able to find a few things I liked! Here were my favorites:
1. Lead Kenziegirl Dress – I don’t normally wear dresses, but I think this one would be perfect for church or for days when I need to be a bit nicer for work. Isn’t it cute? And the neckline is different yet really attractive!
2. Brown Lace Skirt – I LOVE skirts! I wear them the majority of the time during the summers. My favorites are the ones that come to my knee. I also love the color brown. I think the lace adds a charming, feminine quality to the skirt, don’t you?
3. Plaid Blouse – What’s a skirt without a shirt to go with it? I originally dismissed this shirt until I realized it came in blue! I also like how long it is; no more seeing rolls of fat because my shirts only barely touch the top of my pants/skirts.
4. Light Corduroy Jacket – And to complete the outfit, a nice jacket for when it gets a bit cold. This is such a cute jacket, and would look great for work.

To enter the contest to win a free $150 value shopping spree, follow these easy steps:
1) Visit the site to select your favorite items to add to your own wishlist. You can easily add an item you like by clicking on the Wishlist link on each page showing an item.
2) Once you have selected an item you will need to set up an account to create your Wishlist. This is very easy to do but you must enter your name, address, e-mail and create a password to access your account.
3) After you have created your entire wishlist, post the link on the sponsoring blog’s site to be entered in the contest. You should post it in the comments section and include a note about the Christa Taylor site, if you wish.
4) Lastly, post something about the contest on your own blog or website. This is optional, but a great way to spread the word to other young women looking for stylish, modest clothing. As seen above, the Christa Taylor site offers banners and posters for your blog to advertise the contest.

That’s all there is to it! Go check out Christa Taylor and see for yourself!

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