reunion this weekend!!

reunion this weekend!!

Here is the email I sent out to everyone today:

Hey all! I just wanted to communicate a few things before the reunion this weekend.

First, my cell phone number is < email me for number >. Feel free to call me for any details if you need them. If you can’t reach me, try calling Joanna B. < email me for number >. Please pass our numbers to anyone else who should need them.

Several people are going to be camping, and more will be coming just for the day on July 14th. There’s no set time we’re meeting on Saturday, though if you want to arrive in time for a cookout lunch and activities in the afternoon then that would be best! So far we have 12 people camping, and then 20-25 people total for Saturday.

We are camping at the INDIANA DUNES NATIONAL LAKESHORE which is NOT the same place as the Indiana Dunes State Park. Please don’t get confused and go to the wrong place! :-) Here are directions:

I think we’ll try to get a pavilion. I called and they said they are first come-first served, so we’ll see on Saturday morning which pavilion we get. Call my cell phone to get specifics (I hope I have reception!). They told me there are pavilions at Chellberg Farm, so we’ll check those out.

Bring your own meat to cook (as well as buns & condiments, if needed) on the grill and a side to share. We’ll try to have some bottles of Coke for everyone, but if you’re picky you might want to bring drinks too. Bring all your food for any other meals except breakfast. We’ll have cake in honor of Josh’s birthday.

Bring some outdoor games to play, and beach things if you go swimming. The beach is $6/car for the day, or $1/person if you’re walking in.

The camping list so far: < email me for list >. If you’re planning to camp and your name’s not here, then let me know.

Campsites are $15/night per site. We have 5 tents so far, so we’re going to get 3 sites and split them (which will work out to be $7.50/person or $15/couple). Please bring a few dollars extra to chip in for firewood. Joanna has graciously offered to cook breakfast Saturday and Sunday morning. If someone else could bring s’mores ingredients for Saturday night then that would be lovely.

Our car is aiming to get there around 3pm on Friday, and we’ll go ahead and reserve the sites if we can (and everyone can pay us back). I will call each of you on Friday and let you know where the sites are.

Let me know if I forgot anything. Please forward this email to anyone else who needs the info. I’ll keep updating the Gerig Reunion page on my website, so check that for the most current information.

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