just so you know

just so you know

I haven’t seen the Gilmore Girls series finale yet. I probably will not get to see it for a long time, so please don’t spoil the ending for me!! Trust me, this is KILLING me. I have been bookmarking all the articles referring to it in the hopes that someday when I’m actually able to watch the finale, I will be able to go back and read them.

Olivia, I saw your comment but purposefully haven’t read it yet. I will respond later when I finally get to see it.

When I turned on the TV on Tuesday night, the station was coming in SO bad I couldn’t even make out people on the screen. And half the time it was blue. I finagled with the TV antenna a bit, but nothing was helping. Sigh. (Good thing no one showed up for my party!)

This is me being sad and frustrated: :-(.

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