on Gilmore Girls and gardening

on Gilmore Girls and gardening

Tonight. 8pm. My house. Gilmore Girls series finale. Come, bring popcorn!

Actually I might not watch it tonight. It depends how easily I can get reception, and if the CW is watchable. Very often it’s impossible to watch that channel. All the other times, it’s in black and white. So if Lorelai dyed her hair pink then I would have no clue. So, I guess I will have to wait until Season 7 comes out on DVD. :-)

I have started watching the beginning episodes of Season 1 again. Wow, what a difference! The series when it started is very different from now. I love Rory’s innocence, and while I know it’s not realistic to have her remain that innocent, I wish they’d preserved it some now. I think season 1 is my 2nd favorite, after season 4. Season 2 annoyed me because she was so mean to Dean when she met Jess. Gosh I sound like a GG forum. I should stop. :-)

In other more interesting news… Paul and I started a garden! There is a patch of dirt in front of the house that desperately wanted me to do something with it (I know… it called to me every time I was out there). I have been itching to get in there and start breaking up the hard Georgia clay. So, after getting some tips from my mom, we went to a nearby nursery yesterday and got some petunias! I was hoping for pansies, but I really just cared if they were purple, so I’m satisfied. Unfortunately I miscounted and bought way too many. So… anyone want petunias? I think I’ll make some hanging baskets… that will be pretty.

I took some before pictures. As I was planting the flowers yesterday, I realized that they are on a slope which means rain will wash the soil away (probably why it was so hard to begin with). So we are going to get some bricks and make some sort of retaining wall. After that’s put in, I’ll finish planting and THEN take some pictures. :-) I’m excited! I like having pretty things growing. And they’re purple, which is cool. (Oh and another interesting fact thanks to Wikipedia: Botanically, tobacco plants and petunias are related.)

Oh and keep an eye out for some changes to this blog in the next few days. It should look awesome! Any suggestions for things you’d like to see?

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