recommended reading

recommended reading

Originally published on March 16, 2007 at Onward & Upward

So I’ve been meaning to highlight some of the sites that I especially like that are on our sidebar. These are rather recent websites and blogs I’ve come across, and I am eager to share them!

DesignTalk: Home Design Help
I came across this website/blog when I was looking for help with my living room, and I really like it! They answer questions about home design and have a lot of great ideas. They are clear, easy to understand, and illustrate their ideas with pictures which is nice for visual people like me.

PDF Online
Do you have a file that you need converted to a PDF, but don’t have Adobe Acrobat Pro? Well this site is a great resource for you! It’s fast, easy, and best of all – free. They do a variety of documents (including Microsoft Word), and there’s no registration necessary. I used this service especially when I was searching for a job two years ago.

Since I work in the printing industry, I am often having to transfer really large files to and from clients. When something is too big to email, I recommend DivShare to them. No complaints yet!

What the Font?!
With a clever name, this site has been very useful to me as a designer! I can upload an image with the font I want to identify, and they come back with their options. If you don’t have an image, check out Identifont for a similar service.

For those who are familiar with ChiliHead, she now has a new site with product reviews! I especially enjoyed her review of a just-for-redheads makeup brand. :-) I can imagine this site will be a valuable resource as I continue to learn about how to be a homemaker.

Number Gossip
Okay, this site is just for fun. :-) You type in a number, and it tells you all the cool things about that number. You might appreciate this more if you are a math lover.

Finding Contentment in the Suburbs
Started by Lindsey from Enjoy the Journey fame, a blog about avoiding the common pitfall of always wanting more-more-more money. This site comes at a perfect time for me, as my husband and I are approaching (albeit slowly!) that same quandary. It’s not about get-rich-quick, but about being content with what God’s given you.

Frugal Living Journal
While we’re on the subject of finances, I have enjoyed this website which gives practical tips of living frugally. Being a good steward of God’s resources and being content with what He’s given to you go hand-in-hand.

Happy Tails
Animal lover that I am, I was excited to see that Mrs. B has a blog devoted just to animals! She already has posted some great advice about dogs, and I look forward to future posts. It makes me want to start a blog about my own pets…

Living in Peru
Okay, I’m not sure if ANY of our readers will find this interesting, but here is a site all about living in Peru – AND it’s in English! As most of you know, I grew up as a missionary kid in Peru so I always enjoy finding resources like this. :-) You can read my 10 Things About Peru here to learn more about this beautiful country.

That’s all for now! Happy reading. :-) And if you have a site you recommend, let us know!

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