So I ended up getting a HORRIBLE headache yesterday and consequently promised blog post was not written. I was trying to avoid using my eyes, and computer is like the worst thing for when I have a headache.

I am feeling better now, though. :-) I’m glad it went away on its own. The best feeling in the world is waking up without a headache when you went to sleep with your head aching.

I have been enjoying the homeschool discussion in the previous post. Sallie at A Gracious Home wrote a post a while ago about educational choices and her take on them. I thought it was interesting, and thought I’d pass along the link to y’all.

Also, I have responded to the comments in a number of older posts, so be sure to check those. I am also working on my email inbox, trying to catch up from things that needed a response like, last week. :-)

Promised post hopefully to come this evening. I have you know, actual work to do today! ;-)

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