1st annual gerig reunion

1st annual gerig reunion

Okay, so last summer didn’t exactly work out, with so many weddings and such (including my own). However, I am totally serious about an annual Gerig get together so I am going to try and get the balls rolling again. I am willing to organize and plan it, and hopefully lots of people will be interested. So spread the news.

Paul and I are going to be in the Chicago/Indy area twice this summer, so if we could work it into one of those weekends then that would be awesome. Otherwise, we’ll probably have to move the location closer to Atlanta. The preferred date is the weekend of July 13th-15th. The other date is the weekend of June 22nd-24th. This isn’t as good, because that’s Zay and Sopeak’s wedding and I’d love for them to be able to attend this thing if possible. (Also, a whole lotta Gerigians are going to be involved in their wedding, which would narrow the number of people able to attend a reunion.)

Based on the suggestions of others, I think the Indiana Dunes would be a good place to hold said reunion. (This would only work if it’s July 13th-15th.) They have fun activities, plus inexpensive camping ($15/night), and I’m sure we can find hotel alternatives for those who don’t like to camp. If you have other location suggestions, let me know.

Why you should care:

  • Getting together every year will help keep our college friendships alive, and give us all a chance to relax, catch up on each others’ life, and make some trips down memory lane.
  • Encouraging each other, praying together and for each other, perhaps some good old-fashioned worship and singing, talking, laughing, listening – all very therapeutic. Your psychologist would recommend it.
  • Fun games, cards, mafia, capture the flag in the dark… yeah sounds like a Hall Retreat :-)
  • You get to meet new spouses and new children. The latter featured at this retreat will be the Z.children**. Who would want to miss seeing them???

Here’s what I need from you:

  • An idea of who is interested, what date/location would work best for them, and other suggestions people might have.
  • Spread the word to other Gerigians. Anyone can come, but it’s for all those who lived in Gerig around the years 2000-2005.
  • Should I resurrect the website? It’s not seeing much use and I’m not sure we need a forum. However, one central place where we can go for details would be good. Any ideas, folks?
  • Feedback, feedback, feedback!! If nothing else, Paul and I will plan a random camping trip at the dunes July 13th and hopefully we’ll be able to coerce our friends to join us. :-)

Let me know, ya’ll!!

** I didn’t actually clear it with Beth about whether they are interested. I’m assuming they would cancel any plans in order to spend a lovely weekend with us. Wouldn’t you, Beth?? And face it, you love to show off your kids. :-)

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