it's a girl!

it's a girl!

It’s a girl… puppy!

Today was an eagerly anticipated day, because today we brought home our new Beagle puppy! Jera is 4 1/2 months old, and sooo cute. (But then again, what puppy isn’t?)

I don’t have one good picture of her. She wiggles a lot! Hopefully these will give you an idea what she looks like. You can see more in my Facebook album.

Hello? Who you looking at?


Mmm We like doggy ice cream!


Look! A toy as big as me! And it squeaks!


Lewis and Ebony keep close tabs. Jera seemed to not notice them, but the kitties sat on the other side of the baby gate veeeery wary. Any time Jera approached the gate, Lewis would step back. Some big tough guy he is! :-)



A shot of the back of her neck. I wanted to explain where we got the name “Jera”. As you can see, the white line looks a lot like the letter “J”, so naturally we thought a J name would be fitting. I wanted something that was a human name, but not too common. (Sorry, not a big fan of “Fluffy” or “Spot”!) Since her face is mostly brown, we thought of our friend, Emily Brown whose middle name (and stage name) is Jera. We decided to steal it for our puppy and it seems to fit. Although, I’m contemplating the spelling “Jaira”. Any opinions?


There you have it, the newest member of the family! I have some videos I’ll be posting hopefully as soon as I can figure out how to post videos. :-)

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