up and down

up and down

Well the ad is finally done, and they think they’ve discovered and fixed the problem with the servers so I won’t lose any more of my work. Hooray! I actually did enjoy working on the ad, which made losing it not as big of a deal as it could have been. I just love working in InDesign!

Yesterday, Paul helped his brother move from one apartment to another. I joined them for dinner, which was nice. We decided that I should go into business making and selling clothes for small men. Paul and Tim were complaining about not being able to find men’s styles in the boys section, or boys’ clothes not fitting all the way around. I guess I need to learn how to sew clothes then. :-) Anyone willing to teach me? We decided that I could very quickly have a booming business – there is definitely a market out there (especially in areas with a lot of hispanic men). Why haven’t any clothing manufacturers tapped into this yet?

On the way home from Tim’s place, some guy cut me off and I swerved, hitting the curb full on. I heard a *pop!* and I could immediately tell the tire was shot. The ironic thing was just that morning I had been talking to my coworker who also got a flat tire. I was able to pull into a parking lot of a restaurant, where I proceeded to call people. Paul was in his car also going home, and would meet me where I was. I called the roadside assistance for my insurance company, and found out that just because I added a car to my insurance policy, it is not automatically added to the assistance coverage. Since the assistance is based on the car, and I was in the Corolla and not the Intrepid, I would have to pay for the tow truck. Fortunately, Paul has AAA so I called them and they said it would be 2 hours. (Of course, knowing AAA,2 hours means more like 3 or 4.) As I was waiting, a group of college students came by, and one really nice guy offered to put on the spare for me. I was so grateful! They were all really nice and I thank God that they came by when they did. I cancelled the tow truck, and got home safely. My car now has a new “shoe” (there was a 2 or 3 inch gash in the tire from where I hit the curb! I actually hit the corner, since I was going through an intersection when the guy cut me off, which is why it did so much damage). Anyways, all is said and done and unfortunately did not get a chance to run my errands yesterday evening or today at lunch. Tomorrow, I guess!

Paul has lost his wallet. :-( Our bank account remains untouched, but how long do you wait and look for it? We can last place it to last night when he pulled his AAA card out to give me the number. After then, we’re really not sure.

Oh and of course the big thing, we now have internet at home!! Hooray! :-) I am very excited and Paul and I fought over who got to use the computer this evening. :-) (Yeah, neither of our desktops are hooked up/working right now.) But yeah. Blogging should be more frequent from now on. And email writing. *grins*

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