vanity, thy name is CAT

vanity, thy name is CAT

“Vanity. Thy name is CAT.
‘Am I too thin or way too fat?
What about my fur? Oh, no! What’s that?
Do I detect an unsightly mat?
Better go ask for a brush-and-pat…'”
– Anonymous

That poem was on today’s page of my cat page-a-day calendar, and it made me laugh. I wish I had some kitty pictures to post, seeing as how I haven’t posted any in a while. Let’s see…

Here are some pictures I snapped before we moved the couch from under the window. We tried laying the back cushions down to keep the kitties from smooshing them, but it was a fruitless effort on our part.

I think my cats are ready to move. Lewis has taken to wandering about the apartment meowing for no reason. I think he’s probably bored. Think about it – they’ve been in the same two rooms for the past 18 months, with a few brief excursions to the vet and to Orlando. I keep telling them about the townhouse, with stairs (!!!) that they can run up and down, and perhaps a little puppy to play with (I mean, after all, we’re getting a playmate for them, that’s the whole purpose, right?). I think a little change of scenery would do well for them. They don’t seem to believe me, but then again, cats in general aren’t too big on change.

Also, speaking of cats, yesterday was the birthday of Misty, the first cat I ever had. She would have been 13. Yes, I know, I still remember my past cats on their birthdays. I’m weird.

Yesterday, I discovered this new thing called LibraryThing where you can catalog all your books, among other things. I put a little widget on my sidebar of three random books from our collection. (Now keep in mind, when a man and woman become one, so do their books so don’t start to wonder at the wide variety of my library, like “Artificial Intelligence With Lisp” or “Bobby Fischer Teaches Chess”, hehe.) I haven’t finished cataloging all the books yet, but I’m pretty close. I think my days as a student worker in Zondervan Library all came back as a I happily typed in ISBN numbers. You can see my whole library here. So yeah, I stayed awake way too late last night working on that! I was also having too much fun playing this game that Paul downloaded. Way too much fun. *yawn*

Okay my jobs are piling up, I need to go. I am super happy that Becky blogged!

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