So tonight was the Mercy Me/Audio Adrenaline concert in Duluth. It’s Audio Adrenaline’s farewell tour, and since I was a big fan of their when I was in high school, I decided that I’d really like to see them. I considered driving down to Orlando to see them with my brother a few weeks ago at Rock the Universe (Universal Studios), but decided not to when I found out they’d be so close to me. So I convinced Paul (who’s not a big fan of rock concerts) to go with me, and we bought tickets for this Saturday.

Last night I got an email saying that the concert had been postponed until Friday, April 20th, 2007. *sigh* Apparently, the singer of Mercy Me was hospitalized and diagnosed with Diverticulitis. He’s doing much better now – praise God! – but they’re having to postpone the concert tour until 10/5. (Seriously, that must be really awful to be on the road like that, performing, and struggle with health issues.) I’m sad that I don’t get to hear them perform tonight. :-( And I’m not sure what I should do with the tickets. I have no clue what I’m going to be doing or where I’m going to be in April of 2007. The concert is at 6pm, which will mean I would have to leave work early in order to make it (the venue is north of me, so that means I will be heading right with rush hour traffic away from Atlanta). But by 2007 I will have all new vacation days and who knows? I might be able to take the entire day off as a personal day. Another option is to catch the concert on Sunday, Nov. 12th (Happy birthday, Emily!) in Augusta, GA – about 3.5 hours away. Anyway, something to think about. I need to know whether to return my tickets and get my money back if there’s a chance we might not go to the one in April.

Yesterday I turned in my 60 day notice for my apartment. It’s official! I wrote them a nice letter saying that I have loved living here and that the leasing office has always been kind and helpful. Unfortunately, I need more space and none of the apartment layouts really suit my needs. I was walking around after going to the leasing office yesterday thinking how much I really will miss this beautiful complex. I really wish their two bedrooms had better layouts – the kitchen in them is smaller than the one I have now! – because I would stay here. However, I am excited to move. Everytime we drive by the place where we’re hoping to move I always call out to Paul eagerly “Look we’re home!”. Hopefully this weekend or next, we’ll go to the leasing office there and secure and apartment. We’re hoping to move at the beginning of November, but we have until Nov. 30th to get out of this apartment. And it will be nice because gradually we’ll be able to move things out of my (maiden) name and into Paul’s name – utilities, the lease, etc.

Welp seeing as it’s a beautiful Saturday and my to-do list is long, I off to enjoy the day!

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