career woman?

career woman?

The hot topic around the blogosphere right now is about working wives, and the effect their career has on their marriage and family. This is something I’ve been wrestling with a lot, and am working on a blog post in my other blog about the subject. (No promises when that will be published!)

This topic is an issue (a.k.a. “Mommy Wars”) which has been debated frequently in today’s day and age, with working women becoming the norm. This particular controversy is about the Forbes article that came out this week about careers and marriage. I’ve been reading several posts taking different points of view.

Crystal posted this “Don’t Marry A Career Woman” discussion, and then follow-up thoughts. She also had a link to SpunkyHomeSchool’s post responding to the article.

Also, Susan wrote a post critiquing the article itself, and reiterating why she believes as she does.

On the other side of the debate is a post by Joanna, weighing in with her thoughts and perspective. As well, thoughts from The Happy Feminist.

What do you think? Thoughts/responses/ideas?

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