I really do like my hair, even if I complain about it sometimes. It’s a unique and pretty color – my Grandma used to always tell me that Lucille Ball paid lots of money each week to get hair my color. I love being a redhead. I like the texture and consistancy of my hair.

However, my hair is very, very thick. It’s full of body and somewhere between straight and wavy. In the winter, it gets really straight, and in the humidity it curls. Well, it usually frizzes more than curls. If I use a hot curling iron, it will hold the curl for days until I wash my hair next. (I think that’s cool!)

Because my hair is so thick, it is hot on my neck and therefore bad for the summer. Also, once it gets to a certain length I can’t do much with it without spending a lot of time. I usually end up putting it in a bun every day, which is boring and not the most flattering hairstyle. When I got my hair professionally done for Joanna’s wedding, the hairdresser hid half my hair in tight buns against my head. I thought that was quite funny, needing to hide my hair.

I grew out my hair for the wedding but definitely was looking forward to cutting it back to my shoulders. I’ve kept my hair somewhat long for the past year or two, and I have gotten tired of it. (I know, “long” isn’t really that long, but it’s so heavy on my head that it feels long!) So, on Monday, I very excitedly went to the hair cutting place and announced that I wanted it cut to my shoulders.

When I saw the result, I wanted to cry. She didn’t cut it to my shoulders; she cut it two inches above my shoulders. My long beautiful hair – chopped short. I am guessing about 8 inches were lying on the ground. Now, because my hair is so thick and full of body (i.e. POOFY), it doesn’t look good really short. I cut it this length once before for Locks of Love, and I swore I would never do that again. When it’s too short, I can’t pull it back, and it falls in my face, annoying me.

I guess it could be a lot worse… it just makes me sad that I will have to wait another 4 months or so before my hair is the length I want it. I’m considering going to a fancy place and seeing if some long layers would help with the poofiness. I do know I won’t go back to the place where I just cut it.

I know I’m not the only one to get a bad haircut, and it certainly could be a lot worse. And the encouraging thing is, it WILL grow back. In the meantime, ponytails (complete with many barrettes) it is for me!

Before and after… my hair in the after picture is slightly wet (my attempt to unpoof)

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