It has not settled in yet. I keep thinking I’m going to be leaving at night to go to Ann’s. I haven’t been able to sleep comfortably because I’m not used to having someone else in the bed with me. (I’m told I will get used to it soon, though.) I do love being with Paul all the time.

The honeymoon was nice, although not what I expected. I was physically ill after the wedding – I think a combination of stress and not eating all day. We stayed at a hotel in-town the night of the wedding, and we ended up having to run over to a drugstore and get medicine for me. I felt much better after that. :-)

We went up to Flat Rock, NC to a cabin that someone in my church offered us. It was beautiful up there, but not as private and secluded as we were hoping. I think the worst part was knowing who owned all the houses next to us. The cabin was beautiful and comfortable, but so close to the neighbors and no blinds on the windows (except for the bedroom). We went to a nearby small town of Hendersonville, where we browsed the small shops and indulged in ice cream. We spent forever trying to figure out how to remove the “Just married!” from the windows of my car – Paul the window washer was able to get it all off and then we utilized one of those cool self car-washes to rinse off the car. We also visited Connemara, Carl Sandburg’s home. I didn’t know a lot about Carl Sandburg (poet, biographer, lecturer, newspaper columnist, folksinger, author of American fairytales, and winner of two Pulitzer Prizes), but I really enjoyed the visit. The house is in the same state as it was after his death in 1967. Therefore, all the cigars in the ashtrays are actual cigars he smoked, the magazines are layed out as he had them, the papers are filed as he filed them. I thought it was a fascinating look into life in the late 60’s. We bought a book of his poetry which we read in the car on the way home. I really liked the one poem we read; I’m excited to read the rest.

On Wednesday we decided to go to Helen, Georgia, which was the place we originally intended to go for our honeymoon before the cabin was offered to us. Helen is a little tourist town made to look like it’s in the Swiss Alpines (minus the snow). It was really cute, and we enjoyed it very much. We did a lot of shopping (much to my delight, although Paul wasn’t as thrilled), played putt-putt (that was fun!), and swam a lot in the hotel pool (I miss swimming). We also watched “You, Me, and Dupree” in the theater, which I really enjoyed. It was ironic, considering that Paul’s brother just moved to Atlanta and currently doesn’t have an apartment yet.

We had to return a bit early, on Friday, due to a problem with the marriage license. Apparently, the person who filled out the date portion wrote “August 29th” instead of “July 29th”. So we had to go BACK to the courthouse, get (and pay for!) ANOTHER license, mail it up to Indiana for the pastor to sign, have him mail it back to us, where we will take it to the courthouse AGAIN and finally be legally married. In the meantime, I can’t do anything about legally changing my name, which is frustrating because I’d like to have that taken care of as soon as possible.

Okay enough of the rant. We’re now back in our apartment, getting settled in again. We rearranged the bedroom furniture, and in the next few days we’ll tackle the living room. Then I should get started on thank-you notes for all the wonderful gifts we received. :-)

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