back in Georgia

back in Georgia

What a fun, exhausting weekend!

Friday: Drove 12 hours, including stopping in Nashville and picking up Bethany. We stayed the night in Kokomo, Indiana. Lesson learned: When you stop at a hotel at 1:30 in the morning, you can get discounted rates at the hotel. We stayed in Holiday Inn and it was sooo nice. I didn’t want to leave!

Saturday: Drove 3 hours to Michigan. Arrived at church an hour and a half early. Decided we wanted lunch and proceeded to get lost. Had long conversations as to what was being grown in the fields we saw. (Anyone know?) Stopped at a library to get directions to food and then back to the church. Arrived at church and saw a beautiful ceremony. Threw birdseed at the bride and groom. Drove to the reception. Enjoy the company of old college friends as we waited for the bride and groom. Ate dinner. Took pictures. Did not catch the bouquet. My last chance to ever catch a bouquet! Oh well. Tearfully said goodbye. Drove 4 hours to Indianapolis. Stopped for the night. Paid the same rate as the previous night for a motel room of significantly lower quality. (I’m telling you, 1:30 in the morning is the key!) Slept soundly for 9 or 10 hours.

Sunday: Woke up, showered, dressed, and left Indy by 10 am. Drove 10 hours to Atlanta (including stopping in Nashville at Bethany’s house). Gave Paul a hug and told him I missed him. Love on my cats, who tried to snub me in protest to me leaving. Went to bed but could not sleep, so I took a Benedryl. Had trouble waking up in the morning.

That should sum it up for you! :-) I enjoyed traveling with Bethany a lot! And we had a lot of great conversations. (Used cows for sale, anyone?) And of course the wedding was beautiful… It’s so fun when you know both the bride and the groom well! Of course Gerig couples are always fun too. :-)

Well I’ve been trying to upload pictures but it’s taking forever… I’m told it’s because I have DSL and not cable. *shrugs* Oh well, I will post a link when it’s (finally) done!

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