lack of comments

lack of comments

So, it seems that ever since I changed my template to the new design, I have gotten considerably less comments. Should I switch the design back? Is there something on here that rubs people the wrong way? Or is it the content, in that for some reason it is uncommentable? Or perhaps (and probably more likely) my dear readers are busy, or out of town, as is common in the summertime.

I keep thinking today is Thursday. I’m afraid I am going to act on those fears. I think it’s because I don’t have choir practice tonight, when I normally do. It throws me off when something from our schedule is missing. :-) I’m actually probably just about done with choir until the end of the summer. They usually take a break because so many people are traveling, etc. that we just don’t have enough to pull off the pieces of music we’re used to doing. Also, the choir director has been out of town, which makes it hard to practice. :-) I personally am glad for the break. I like singing, and I love the fellowship with the other choir members, but I also like sitting in the service next to Paul and not having to worry about singing the right notes. Although last Sunday we sang “Holy, Holy, Holy” and I know the alto part for that (thanks to my mother!), so I sang the harmony happily. It sounded nice… And that is such a pretty hymn.

I’m trying to think of interesting things to say that aren’t relating to the wedding (don’t want to bore you! get your RSVPs in ;-)), and aren’t related to the car (gotta take it back to the mechanic today… 3rd day in the row, not counting once last week).

Okay, reader interaction! What sorts of topics would you, as a reader, like to hear about? Let me know and I will happily comply. (And yes, I do write in my blog for my readers… If it’s just for myself then I would write in my paper journal.)

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