home will have to wait

home will have to wait

My intention was to write a nice post about “home”, but that will have to wait for now. It’s been a rather interesting day.

My car has been making funny noises, so I decided to get it checked out before going up to Michigan for Ann and David’s wedding next weekend. I chose today, because Paul has Thursdays off work and I can use his car. I dropped my car off last night, and this morning they told me the rubber things around the engine (the “bushings”) are worn off and it will be $700. Yuck. :-p But there is no other option and tell them to go ahead and fix it. Meanwhile, I told a couple of people at work and they are all like “You should get a new car”. I’m hesitant, because really my car is fine and Paul’s car is the one that needs help right now. I don’t know, how much money do you put into a car before it isn’t worth it anymore? Well, I’m hoping to keep this car for another couple of years at least.

Back to the subject at hand. Paul drives me to the car place to pick up my car and on the way home, his car dies. In the middle of the street. He turns it on, but it keeps dying. So we call the tow truck who tows it back to the mechanic (who is, of course, closed for the day).

Now we are down to one car, which wouldn’t be a problem if we worked similar hours and lived in the same place. As it is, I am going to leave my house at 5:25 tomorrow morning to pick up Paul and take him to the train station. Then I will have to leave work at 4:30 and pick him up, and he will come at the end of the day and pick me up. I guess it really isn’t as bad as I feel like it is; I just don’t relish the thought of getting up tomorrow at 5 am.

We’re not sure what to do about his car. We don’t really want to put money into it, but we also aren’t necessarily ready to buy a new car right now (we wanted to make sure everything is settled about Paul’s job first). Also, we didn’t want to go into debt right now for a new car but it’s rather inevitable. I’m not sure where we stand with our credit… Being just out of college and neither of us having credit cards, we haven’t gotten a chance to build up our credit score (which really sucks, because I am prompt at paying all my bills but it’s just not enough). Another thing that really sucks is still being 9 months away from the magical car-renting age of 25.

Sorry to unburden all that on you. I can tell this is really bothering Paul right now… I am more focused on having to get up at 5 am tomorrow morning. :-( *sigh*

Well, early to rise means early bedtime (so sad). I should go… You’ll have to wait until later for my thoughts about home, as well as me fixing the sidebar of my new template to my liking.

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