empty nest

empty nest

My youngest sister graduates from high school today. I wish I could be there to celebrate with her… I’ve never been to a sibling’s graduation before… But in keeping with the family tradition, at least one member of the family cannot be present and so therefore, it is my duty to congratulate her from afar.

What school does a graduation on a Thursday afternoon anyways? I’d have to take 3 days off work to go… If I wasn’t getting married this year, I would totally go, but I need all my vacation days for the honeymoon… I read somewhere that a majority of the people polled would prefer more vacation days over a higher salary. I think I feel the same way. I wish so much of my life was not consumed by work. Ah, tis the sacrifice of a career… which I don’t desire to have, but is forced upon me due to this silly thing called “cost of living”.

I have been somewhat absent these past few days due to a time-consuming project at work. In an effort to just get it done, I have resorted to working on it in the evenings as well, with Paul helping me when he can. I’m almost done, though! It’s going to look good after I’m finished, but right now it’s just tedious work (redesigning a large website with a lot of content). I’m also horribly behind in my blog reading and commenting. In fact, the only blogs I’ve been reading are Xanga blogs… I also need to respond to Frankie’s post in the Gerig/Taylor forum.

Of course, other things have been going on besides work. Lots of wedding stuff… and soon, lots and lots of address writing. Today are engagement photos at Piedmont Park – excited about that! I will post those pictures when we get them.

Oh right, I just remembered that I was going to talk about my baby sister. As I mentioned, today is her high school graduation! She is going to college in the fall, where she will major in Outdoor Education. My sister is ending her high school career on a high note: This year she was promoted to 2nd lieutenant, making her only the 5th person in the history of her high school (15 years) to rank as an officer in JROTC! I don’t think she’s going to join the Marines anytime soon, but I’m still proud of her! You can see more pictures of her here. (I wish I had a good picture of her in her ROTC uniform!)

I love my sister and I’m excited that she’s only going to be a 3 hour drive away next year. :-)

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