laura is waking up!

laura is waking up!

For those of you who remember, Laura is a Taylor student who was critically injured in the van/semi crash a few weeks ago. Today I got an email from Laura’s cousin (my former roommate) with really good news:

The VanRyn family had the blessing of hearing Laura’s voice last night!!!! That’s right, she was speaking words to them. She kept saying “hi” last night and this morning she has added “good morning” and “pops”. PRAISE THE LORD!!!! There is no doubt that His hand has been in this situation and I am so thankful that He is using all of this for His own glory. Please spread the word. Laura is coming so close to waking up…what a joyous day that will be!!! Keep praying for her emotional well-being during this time. She has a lot to deal with when she regains consciousness.

Laura will be given her diploma at Taylor’s graduation ceremonies on Saturday (with her sister Lisa walking in her place). Also, posthumous degrees will be given to Betsy, Brad, and Laurel (three of the students who were killed in the crash).

If you want to keep updated on Laura’s progress, check out the blog her family has been updating.

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