on 401Ks, leases, and dancing

on 401Ks, leases, and dancing

So I’m posting again because I don’t like seeing all the sad stuff on the top of my blog.

Today I learned about 401Ks. Well, I somewhat learned about it. I don’t fully understand, but I’m excited to be investing, and seeing that 4% of my salary building up and earning interest. I know I’ll be appreciative of this down the road. :-)

I renewed my apartment lease last Friday. Yep, this weekend marked one year since I moved into my apartment! I only signed a 7 month lease because Paul and I are hoping to move to a two-bedroom apartment once we can afford it. I’m glad we have a place to live for now, though. Our lease will be up at the end of November so that gives us plenty of time for Paul to find a job and us to look around and get an apartment we both like.

Oh! A poll. Should we have dancing at our wedding? My experience has been that weddings without alcohol generally don’t have much dancing, and Taylor people are afraid to dance. I personally don’t care either way – I would love dancing, but I can easily see no one participating. So, as my guests, please vote: if we had music and a “dance floor”, would you dance? Or would it be one awkward moment of only a couple of brave souls trying to get everyone else involved and eventually giving up?

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