i am back!

i am back!

What a wonderful weekend! I loved seeing my family again. The good news is I’m going to fit into my dress. The bad news is a I have to lose weight. :-) Ah well I knew I would have to.

Some things spotted from the car on my way down and back: I saw Peculiar People on their way to Jacksonville, FL for a concert. That was cool. I remember when they came to Taylor, and I really enjoyed them!

The license plates on two different Corvettes: ADIOSSS and SEE YA (the latter one was an Indiana plate :-)).

A man on a sidewalk along the side of the road in Orlando. He was riding a bicycle, pulling a wagon/cart thing with a dog sitting on the back. Priceless! I wish I had had my camera with me.

A license plate with the letters AEB on it. My future initials! :-)

Okay I should go unpack now… Fun, fun! :-p Maybe early-to-bed for Ashley tonight.

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