The  yucky part about being grownup is having to be responsible. :-p So I’m having a bit of a decision to make, and I don’t know what to do. As you know, I am a graphic designer and I love helping people out by designing things for them. I especially love it when it’s a ministry – helping my parents or Melissa out by designing their newsletters, or my church… I really want to give back with the gifts, talents, and expertise that God has blessed me with.

Now, my quandry… While I may be blessed with talent and knowledge, I was not blessed with the necessary software on my computer to do these designs. I really want to be able to tell people, “Sure I’d love to do that design for you!” But the problem is, I really can’t, unless they’re going to provide the software I need. And if I do something as a ministry, I really don’t feel right asking them to pay me to help me purchase the software.

So the software is $400. I *have* the money, but is this a wise investment? (I know I would use it a lot, and it would be very helpful.) I have a few big expenses coming up (about $400 worth) for various comittments I have, and I’m also trying to save my money for a wedding, since it’s likely that we’ll be getting married in the coming year or so.

What should I do? To buy or not to buy?

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