that nasty e-word: exercise

that nasty e-word: exercise

I did it! I told myself I was going to exercise… and I did! Our exercise facilities for my apartment are pretty nice. I think they recently painted. (A few months ago, my complex underwent a change of ownership and they have done a lot of fixing up.) Anyways, this might sound small to some people, but I’m proud of myself. Now to keep it up three times a week… The problem is finding a good time to do it. Mornings are out of the question (sorry all you early birds). I am always hungry when I get home from work, so I want to eat. Then by the time my dinner is digested it’s really too late to exercise and still sleep. I think I just need to go on my way home from work. Maybe if I have some fruit or something in the afternoon I won’t be so hungry.

My goal is to overall feel (and be!) healthier and reduce some of the fat hanging around my tummy. I don’t own a scale and I hesitate to buy one, because I don’t want to become obsessed with poundage. I need to take up stomach crunches to tighten my six-pack. Do girls have six-packs? I feel like that’s a stupid question, but I really don’t know.

This is all part of my new year’s resolution to take better care of myself. So far so good… I’ve had real fruit (versus yogurt) every day for lunch this past week, and I’ve been eating actual meals for dinner (as compared to last week, when I had a bag of popcorn for dinner. And you wonder why I’ve gained so much weight…). I haven’t replenished my Coke supply, and am forcing myself to drink more milk and water. So far, no noticeable difference, but these things take time.

Now, errands of a Saturday…

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