thanks to my brother

thanks to my brother

…for his photography expertise. I stole one of his pictures to use for my new header because after much consideration, I agree with Beth in that the site needed more color. I’m all for color. :-)

Does anyone recognize where the picture was taken? It’s from Taylor campus, looking at Taylor Lake (well, the grass is kinda in the way, but you can kinda see the water and the road beyond). Anyways, I just wanted to make sure I gave credit where credit is due. :-) I really like how the picture blends with the rest of the colors in the site.

I’ve also been playing around with different pages for this website. I’m trying to figure out how to make an “archives” page, but I can’t get it to work. That’s the downside to WordPress… I don’t know PHP and I’m struggling to do stuff in it that I used to be able to do in Blogger no problem.

Oh! Random good news… the check engine light suddenly turned off in my car! So I quickly took it to get the emissions tested (yay I passed), and now tomorrow I can get my plates renewed. Then I’m good until next December. Sweet stuff.

I have nothing else to say. Any ideas for how to start discussion in my new Gerig forum?

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