The Gerig/Taylor site is officially up and running! Many of you have noticed it linked from my website, but now everything is officially tested and working. Hooray! Many thanks to my brother and to Paul for all their help. :-) Here is the link:

This site is for anyone who lived in Gerig or was an honorary friend of Gerig sometime during 2000-2005. The purpose is to keep in touch with each other, as well as share thoughts, opinions, news, pictures, and help plan our annual reunion. Once you register, then you’ll be able to update your contact info in the address book, upload pictures in the gallery, and participate in the forum.

I’m really excited about this, and I hope ya’ll are too! Please come by and sign up. I’ll monitor anyone who requests to be registered, so if I don’t know you then I’ll probably ask for some verification to make sure you qualify. (Sorry I don’t want random stalkers around.)

Let me know if you have problems and/or suggestions. Please participate! Especially in the forum – I’d love to see some lively discussion going on, but I need your help to do so. Thank you!!

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