Christmas cards

Christmas cards

So it’s been quite a weekend. My car went (unexpectedly) into the shop on Thursday, so I’ve been stranded at my apartment all weekend (we had a company holiday on Friday). I was able to get in touch with a friend from church today, and she rescued me and took me to the grocery store to get some food. I was very relieved! My tummy is happy too! :-)

This evening I have been hard at work getting my Christmas cards out in the mail. I really enjoy sending out Christmas cards. It’s a great way to catch people up with what’s been going on, and to stay in touch. And of course spread holiday cheer. :-) I’m one of those people who likes to send Christmas cards to EVERYONE. My hand hurts after writing so much (and it could have something to do with it almost being 1:30 in the morning). Unfortunately I’m missing the snail mail addresses of most of the people on my list. SO… if I don’t have your address, email it to me and I will send you a Christmas card.

I’m hoping to get these all ready for the mail by Monday… Christmas is a week from tomorrow! (or today, technically) That means 8 days until my birthday. I should get my car back on Monday, and then on Tuesday it’s off to Orlando (I hope!). They’re replacing something big in my car that’s costing me a lot of money… I don’t understand it all but my dad called them and reported to me that they seemed to be honest. They guy at the car place wanted me to come look and see what was wrong, and I was like, “You have my car! How do you want me to get there?” But I was nice and just told him to go ahead and fix it.

Have I ever said how much I *hate* dealing with cars???

Send me your snail mail address!!

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