on decorating for Christmas…

on decorating for Christmas…

“Daddy, can we help?”
“Kids, why don’t you help me with the ornaments while Daddy puts on the lights?”
“Mommy, AJ moved my ornaments to the back of the tree!” “AJ, don’t move the ornaments.”
“Be very careful with that ornament, Amy – it belonged to Great-Grandma Penn.”
“Mommy, let’s hang the bells on the bottom branch so the kitty can play with it!”
“Kids, stop playing with the tinsel. It goes on the tree!”
“Here Ashley, hang up your ‘Baby’s First Christmas’ ornament.”

Do you ever wish you could play flashbacks of occasions like a movie? As I was decorating my Christmas tree today, I was thinking of all the times we did the same while I was growing up. It made me smile, and made me miss my family.

Christmas decorating can be a very lonely affair.

Ebony and Lewis like the bright red balls on the strange tree that now stands in my living room. Ebony has already tried climbing the tree but got tangled in the garland. I hope that has dissuaded her from trying again.

I really like the star I got for the top of my tree. I got it at Hobby Lobby (my favorite store!):

Here is my tree, all decorated. It’s a 6+ ft. Douglas Fir tree. All the ornaments are red and gold with red and gold beaded garlands, and I’m pleased with how that looks. I also put a garland, lights, and big red bows on my porch railing, and a garland under my breakfast bar. I also hung the stockings there. :-) The nativity scene is on my table, and that’s about everything. I love decorating! My apartment is now ready for visitors. :-)

28 days until Christmas!
29 days until my birthday! :-p

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