to David and Ann

to David and Ann

David and Ann are some of my favorite people, and I knew each one indvidually before they ever started dating. :-)

I first met David at the beginning of my freshman year, in Gerig lounge. We were lounge rats together, and I knew him as Bill Nye (the Science Guy). I was able to talk to him about Peru, which helped so much in the culture shock I experienced (to a certain degree) after moving from Peru to Taylor. He was one of the first guys I felt really comfortable around as a friend (I was scared of boys in high school), even though he constantly teased me about being Peruvian. He has remained a true friend since then, offering encouragement at the times when I most needed it.

Ann was my suitemate during her freshman year (my sophomore year). I was eager to be all “upperclassman” and take her under my wing and show her all about Gerig and Taylor. I hope I did that, to a certain extent anyways. We bonded because we’re both night owls, and we’d often see each other in the suite at 3 in the morning. I would be coming up from the lounge and see her – “Ann, go to bed!” We got to be better friends the next year, when she was the PA (the Taylor equivalent of an RA) on my floor. We had many discussions regarding modest dress and purity in relationships and other things I can’t exactly remember. :-)

I was really happy when Ann and David started dating, and as I’ve watched their relationship over the years, I’ve been really impressed with their love and focus on God, and their love for each other. They were the only people to take me up on my offer to drive someone around in my dad’s convertible when he came up for my show. (Wasn’t that fun? Hooray for reading away messages) I remember going to Ivanhoe’s with them, and hanging out in the lounge, and I’m sure we played cards together on many occasions. I even got in the middle of a play fight between them over AIM (long story).

So needless to say, when Ann told me tonight of their engagement, I was (and still am) thrilled! I am excited to call Ann this weekend and hear all the girly details. :-) (Side note: I asked Ann for her phone number, and realized that she lives in my old room! How fun! :-)) It’s exciting to be able to see how God has worked in their lives, and is leading them towards marriage. I’ve seen it in many of my friends, and it’s fun to see it in them as well. I wish you both the best in your future together! And I’ll keep June 17th free. ;-)

(Would you believe I don’t have any pictures of David? Oh well, here is Ann and a very sunburnt Ashley)

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