17 shots

17 shots

Yes, that’s how many injections I received in my face today. Seventeen. Today was my long-awaited dermatologist appointment, and she gave me a shot in each clump of acne breakouts. This was supposedly a steroid to reduce inflamation and prevent scarring. I also have to take some perscription medicine orally and topically. Let’s hope this does the trick. :-) I told my boss that my goal is to look nice without having to wear makeup.

So yes. Not a big fan of the seventeen shots, but if it works, then it will be worth it.

This weekend I went to Stone Mountain with my friends the Garrisons. It was so much fun! I haven’t climbed the mountain in several years, and I enjoyed it even though I was in flip-flops (oops) and so dehydrated that I practically fainted once we reached the top. Susan and I took the cable car down, for which I’m so thankful (thanks, Mr. Garrison! I think you saved my evening :-)).

Afterwards we watched the laser show and after shedding a few patriotic tears, I decided this will definitely be a yearly tradition for me, especially once I have kids. Fun, family entertainment without sitting in front of a video game! Imagine! (Susan, that was for you ;-))

On Sunday, Susan and I went to Joann’s looking for curtain fabric. We found some excellent fabric that matched my purple bedspread exactly – which is saying something, since my bedspread is an odd shade of purple. I think Susan finds me ridiculous because of my obsession with color. However, she managed to put up with me. We also came up with an excellent idea for the living room curtains. It’s hard to describe, but bascially there’s a base of navy blue with strips of another print fabric which will be attached with Velcro. Therefore, I can change out the print fabric to match the season or my particular mood. :-) We are also making a matching table. Yay! I’m so excited about this. I bought a generic blue and tan striped print, and a Christmas-themed print for the upcoming holiday for which I’m so excited. I can’t wait until they are done… Then I will take pictures. :-)

So excellent weekend, and good day today, too, despite the 17 shots I received. Tomorrow all the files are due for the biggest print run of the year! Yikes, hopefully that goes smoothly. Crazy busy it is at work.

Days till I see Paul: 11!
Days till I see Nichole, whose birthday is today – happy birthday to Nichole!!!: 13

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