spider neighbor

spider neighbor

I’m very silly, I know it. I freaked out earlier tonight because a spider moved in on my porch. It is huge! I took pictures and posted them, and then set out to find out what kind of spider it is. I’m pretty sure it’s an orb weaver spider which apparently are reluctant to bite and they eat bugs. I hate bugs more than spiders, so I think I’ll allow my neighbor to stay. He’s big, so that means he must eat big bugs, right? Reading this thought-essay also changed my mind about him.

Once my fear subsided, I actually thought it was quite fascinating to watch this guy spin his web. It’s really big! About 2 feet across, I’d say, maybe more. It’s looks really pretty too – so perfectly symmetrical. Then when he was done he sat there in the middle waiting for dinner. As I was standing there, a bug flew in…!!! And the spider quickly ran over and rolled the bug and took it back to the center. Good spider!

So it’s all fascinating. Makes me get philosophical about how creative God is. :-) As a designer, it’s neat to think about how God is the author of the creativity I seek after daily. I mean, there are thousands and thousands of different animals who all have their own creative and unique way to contribute to the life cycle. A spider uses “string” from its own body to make a web to catch bugs and eat them. But it’s not just that – each kind of spider has different markings and different ways of making webs to catch different kinds of bugs. Who except an amazing God would have come up with that? Wow.

Spidey is allowed to stay.

He really is quite beautiful. Look how big his web is!

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